Valais: Terre natale – Motherland


Martigny (Valais)

Viande séchée puis raclette,
Petit verre de Fendant,
La valaisanne assiette
Ne manque pas d’arguments.

Diolinoir, Cornalin,
Pinot noir ou Païen,
Richesse des cépages!

Aletsch et le Cervin,
Anniviers, Val d’Hérens,
Beauté des paysages!

Dried beef meat and raclette,
With a glass of house wine,
The “Valaisanne assiette”
Takes away all the whine!

Diolinoir, Cornalin,
Pinot noir or Païen:
Diverseness of its vines!

Aletschhorn, Matterhorn,
Grand Combin or Weisshorn,
Greatness of the mountains!

Extrait de “Huitante Escales

Excerpt from “Eighty-One Stopovers



Sept jours, vingt-six chefs-lieux;
J’en ai pris plein les yeux!
Merci la Suisse!

Twenty-six provinces;
Twenty-six promises.
Switzerland shines!

Tales from Liechtenstein

July 21st 2007, 11:14. It is a small step for mankind but a big one for me, as I land officially in a new country: Liechtenstein!

Eighty minutes later, I left Liechtenstein. In-between, not much. Well, not few either. I went through the streets of the city centre of Liechtenstein’s megalopolis, Vaduz (5,000 inhabitants), the country’s capital. I spotted the Prince’s castle over the hill. A Prince whose official title is Fürst von und zu Liechtenstein, Herzog von Troppau und Jägerndorf, Graf zu Rietberg, Regierer des Hauses von und zu Liechtenstein. Last but not least, I bought a keyring as a souvenir.

To tell you the truth, I stopped there on my way around Switzerland’s 26 provinces, known as cantons. I was visiting the 26 provinces’ capitals in one week, no more, no less! An out-of-the-ordinary challenge to read later on this blog. I had 2 spare hours between the Cantons of Glarus and Graubünden. I spent them wisely visiting the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Do not hesitate to share your Liechtensteinese memories below, as a comment…