Tales from Czechia

I went twice to the Czech Republic. Or should it be called Czechia? Even the Czechs are not sure yet about what sounds best. It was in 2012 and 2013, twice from Vienna, as for my Slovak experiences. But the visited cities were not twice the same…

Prague and the Vltava

2012, Prague, the capital. The Vltava, Charles Bridge (Karlův most), the Castle. What a gem of a city! It was hard to find a church without an organ concert to listen to on these mid-May days. Hard to find a place without a refreshing beer on tap to be enjoyed. Hard to leave the architectural beauties of the Old Town Square (with a special mention for the Astronomical clock). Well, hard not to have a good time in Prague, simply said. Not all old stuff, though, like the curious modern art baby sculptures climbing up the TV Tower. A way-too-short stay it was, sounding like a call to go back soon for more. Bedřich Smetana’s Vltava symphonic poem – you can hear it in the underground before it stops at any station – still resonates deep in my head.


2013, Znojmo, Moravia. Moravia? One of the three regions of Czechia (or the Czech Republic) with Bohemia and Silesia, Moravia is located south of Silesia and east of Bohemia, bordered by Slovakia to the east and Austria to the south.

Znojmo, 33,000 inhabitants, is a mere 90-minute train ride from Vienna. Znojmo is as unknown as Prague is well known, understandably as it is 40 times smaller. It was April. Spring was blooming. Sun was shining. Beer was pouring. The Castle. Thaya River. The castle from the river. The river from the castle. The bridge on Thaya River. The castle from the bridge on Thaya River. The bridge on the river from the castle… Charming!


Do not hesitate to share your Czech memories below, as a comment…