Holy Rail!

Who said train travel was expensive?

Example: Luxembourg – Paris – Nice – Milano – Rimini – Parma – Milano – Sion (Switzerland).

This multi-country trip did cost me less than 125 €!

Gare de Luxembourg

Luxembourg Train Station

In detail:

Luxembourg – Paris: 25 € (TGV, direct)

Paris – Nice: 25 € (TGV, direct)

Nice – Ventimiglia: 7,50 € (regional)

Ventimiglia – Milano: 9 € (direct)

Milano – Rimini: 18 € (Frecciabianca, direct)

Rimini – Parma: 9 € (Frecciabianca, direct)

Parma – Milano: 9 € (Frecciabianca, direct)

Milano – Sion (Switzerland): 22 € (EuroCity, direct)

TOTAL: 124,50 €

And without any reduction. Just by ordering tickets on Internet  (SNCF + Trenitalia) about a month and a half in advance. Printable at home, except for the “Milano – Sion” ticket, to be printed in any Italian train station.

Of course, at that price, tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. It’s the same principle as for flight tickets, the first price is very economical, but available for a limited number of places.

The heavy snow made me miss my connecting train in Milano for Sion. Nevertheless, I could use the same ticket for the next train at no additional cost.

Best of all, it is not much slower than flying, taking into account the transfers to airports and waiting time in the airports, and much faster than by car (TGV, Frecciabianca).

Paris - Nice

Paris – Nice

And this is the most environmentally friendly alternative by far, unless you make the journey by foot or by bike, but it will take you more time then…

So, have a nice trip, by train!


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